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Meals with meaning
Time Out

We’re a group of people who want to live their lives with Jesus, not by a set of rules but with a companion, setting the pace and guiding our way.  We believe being a church means a group of people bringing their lives onto the field of play together, working as a team and doing what God wants, that is loving those we find around us.
We have found ourselves based in Roselands Primary School in Paignton.  We don’t want to run away from life but run towards it, embracing every opportunity to experience what it means to be fully human and fully connected to God.  Does this sound hard?  Well if nothing else we guarantee it will be exciting.  We’re keen to embrace life as individuals and together!
A Baptist Church
Our New Home
Roselands is a Baptist church and part of the BUGB.  We play an active role within the South West Baptist Association and are part of Churches together in Paignton.  As a group we come from all sorts of church backgrounds or none.  It’s God who has brought us together and keeps us that way.
We meet on a Sunday morning from 10.30am to spend time with one another and time with God.
Our Sunday mornings are about worshipping together, growing through focusing on God’s Word and growing in unity together.  Our mornings are very relaxed, informal and about everyone playing their part.
At the end of 2011 we took possession of a local shop and transformed it into a multipurpose venue, that is designed to be a coffee shop, community centre and home for us as a fellowship.
We are slowly growing into the building, the local community are finding it and we believe it will prove to be our fellowships mission centre for years to come.

For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest

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